Open Source Colloborative Whiteboard with Video Conferencing.

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This is totally free to and open-source, comes with an MIT license. Download the source from GitHub.

Latest technologies

Highly optimised, and built with latest technologies, like Node.JS, AngularJS, and PaperJS.

Video Conferencing

Supports multi-user video conference, upto 5 users.


Easily create white-boards and share it with any number of users.

Sharing a White board

Sharing a white board with you friends so that you can draw in realtime is very simple.

Step 1: Click the "Create a board button above to create a new white-board"

Step 2: A new white-board has be created, now click on the "Create share link" as shown in the image to generate the share link.

Step 3: Copy the share link and share it with your friends.

Host it on your own server

The current server is heroku instance, if you want to host it on your server, read the guide on deploying it on your own servers.

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DeadSimpleWhiteboard is created by Mohammed Lakkadshaw & Company

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